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The Indiana Path-to-Power Program (P2P) is a project of the Indiana State AFL-CIO, our affiliates, local labor bodies and close partners to identify, recruit, train, and elect union candidates to local government offices. The purpose is to shift the power in local government to favor stronger pro-worker policies and develop a bench of candidates to move into higher office.

To be considered for the program you must complete the following steps:

1. Local Union Sign Off. Have your Local Union Officer complete this form and return it to the email attached.

2. Complete the Path-to-Power Program Questionnaire form online here, or download, print and mail this form to P2P ℅ IN AFL-CIO, 2917 Roosevelt Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46218 or email a scanned copy of the form to UnoBlesséd Coons at unoblessed[at]inaflcio.org with "Attn: P2P - Last Name" in the subject line.

3. The State Federation will forward the questionnaire to the Local Bodies for processing with additional information including union density in the district. Once the Local Bodies have made an endorsement, they will notify the state federation of such action.

4. Once the State Federation receives the endorsement, the State Federation Committee will convene a meeting to discuss final approval of a candidate into the Path-to-Power Program.

Once the State Federation Committee approves a candidate, they will receive the full support of Indiana's labor movement. This includes training support, leadership access and a targeted member-to-member campaign to ensure union households within your respective district are informed of your candidacy.

If you have questions during this process please reach out to UnoBlesséd Coons at unoblessed[at]inaflcio.org with "Attn: P2P - Last Name" in the subject line.

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Email unoblessed[at]inaflcio.org

Paid for and authorized by the Indiana State AFL-CIO Education Fund. Not authorized by any candidate, committee or political party.